Do you have an old AC unit that cools properly but costs you a lot of money regarding utility bills?    

Possibilities are people have been recommending you replace your unit since newer models have lower power consumption. Of course, this is certainly true if your unit is more than one decade old since new systems are more efficient. However, the cost of a new AC unit can be prohibitive. This is particularly true if your old unit still works fine.   

Well, fortunately, you can lower your AC power consumption without having to buy a new one.   

In addition to routine air conditioning repair in Gainesville, FL, here are a couple of ways to lower your AC power consumption:  

Don’t Allow Dust and Dirt to Accumulate on the Coils 

For those who don’t know, your AC system has evaporator coils that eliminate humidity and heat from the air in your space. Also, it has condenser coils that eject the heat outside your room.  

The coils cannot effectively transfer heat if they get covered in grime and dirt. Again, this will make your unit work harder and operate longer to cool the air. Obviously, the longer it operates, the more power it consumes. Thus, it increases your utility bill.  

Check The Ducts for Leaks Regularly 

Cracks and holes can develop in the ducts if you’ve got a ducted AC system. Whenever this occurs, your costly cooled air leaks into the crawl spaces and will not reach the designated area.   

Because of this, your unit has to operate longer to replace that lost air and cool your space down to the required temperature. This will increase the power consumption of your AC Unit.  

Don’t Block the Airflow 

This is an issue that happens all the time in any property. When it comes to temperature, individuals have various opinions. People, especially in commercial settings, take matters into their own hands by blocking off AC registers if they’re too cold but have no control over the thermostat.   

However, your system has to work harder to obtain the desired temperature if the airflow is blocked. This means that it will consume more power. Because of this, you’ve got to ensure that nothing is blocking the airflow of your AC system.  

Replace or Clean Your Filters Regularly 

This is another easy job that does not need the help of an expert. However, it can significantly help your system to operate more efficiently.   

For those who don’t know, your AC system has one or more filters that trap debris and dust and keep them from getting into your equipment. Filters have to be replaced or cleaned regularly. This varies on the type. This will help avoid clogging the filter.   

You have to do this immediately if you haven’t done this task since the unit was installed.   

This is because whenever your AC filter gets clogged up with dirt and dust, it obstructs the airflow within the system, aside from having nasty stuff accumulating on the equipment.   

That is why it’s always ideal to clean or replace your filters regularly.